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Our steel safety anchors are the toughest in the industry. Available in a variety of sizes to handle the toughest jobs that require strength and that relentless "Bulldog Grip."

Our Deep Digging Dig Dog earth anchor is manufactured of the highest quality galvanized steel. Our earth anchor is a "helix style anchor" for the toughest soil conditions.

Our anchor accessories ensure the right tool for the job. Whether you need Anchor Eyes for Helix Style Anchors or our Double Grip Extension, we've got you covered!

Oilfield Anchors, Soil Anchors, Guy Wire Anchors from Bulldog Safety Anchors…The Anchors With Teeth!

Are you looking for reliable guy wire anchors for oil or gas industry applications? Or do you need top quality safety anchors for use as tie downs for wind tower monitors? Are you concerned about what could happen if your guy wire anchors start to fail?

Bulldog Safety Anchors are the anchor experts! Our anchors are tough and bite into the soil for a solid hold.

safety anchorsToday, many oil companies are in a position where they must replace several thousand old anchors due to insurance company requirements. Well service companies must comply with testing regulations in order to meet their insurance companies' latest requirements. Anchors set on older wells that were drilled 50 years ago may not meet today's testing requirements.

Even if your anchors pass insurance testing today, they may fail the next time required testing is done. If your company owns a well site, testing and replacing anchors as needed is a must to ensure you operate safely and can meet modern insurance requirements. You cannot afford to ignore the need to replace old, improperly installed guy wire anchors or those that simply aren't strong enough to meet present day pull demands.

Whatever the reason you need to invest in anchors of exceptional quality, Bulldog Safety Anchors manufactures and delivers exactly what you need!

oilfield anchorsWe offer 3 different types of guy wire anchors, and each is available with 4', 6', 8' or 12' anchor rod lengths.

This guarantees you can choose the precise type of anchor and rod length to suit the type of soil you're working in and the level of strength you need. Plus, you never have to wonder or worry about the quality of the guy wire anchors we provide, because we only purchase parts and steel from sellers who guarantee what they sell.

The tensile strength of every load of steel we use to manufacture our anchors is certified. We also have our anchors tensile strength pull tested and certified at laboratories each year. You can feel completely confident about the safety, strength and performance of every anchor you purchase from Bulldog Safety Anchors.

Bulldog Safety Anchors also offers customized services to meet the needs of every customer and every job.

custom oil field anchorsoilfield safety anchorsMany customers never realize customization was an option when it comes to guy wire anchors, but it is! If you have a special need for a non-standard anchor rod length, we'll gladly meet your specifications.

If you need slightly greater strength than a 4' rod can provide, but you don't quite need a 6' length, we're happy to manufacture and deliver 5' rods as an alternative. Customized safety anchors will save you time and money and meet the needs of any demanding job!

To find out more about our unique steel oilfield safety anchors and how we guarantee your complete satisfaction, contact us today.

We are here to help you. Give us a call today: 432-561-9911 or toll free 877-561-9911